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PoP Wines

PoP Wines

PopLifestyle is collaborating with The Juicy Grapes for unique wines!

We are the Wine Cowboys!!! 

The Juicy Grape Ltd. brands only the best wines for your needs. Bringing you stunning, undiscovered gems. We unite wine lovers, and enhance your life with our wines, our expertise, but most importantly, our heart. 

Today, the Wine Cowboys bring to fruition the best independent family-owned estates, flourishing with the next rare exquisite wine. As the only wine company representing these distinguished estates in Hong Kong, the Wine Cowboys are building an exciting wine community in a bubbling city. 

The Juicy Grape Ltd is the voice for outstanding exclusive wine growers, selected by us after quiet observation for over years. 
We don't want to lead an industry; we want to share our happiness with you. 
Our team is known for dedicated, intensively trained Cowboys, eager to assist our members in the journey of discovering together the hidden treasures of the Old and New world. Let us show you the exciting possibilities from drinking wine, because wine comes in different forms and can only be appreciated your way.

Remember what "Wine Cowboys say... " Good wines come from juicy grape

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